about silvano orsi

Silvano Orsi leads a Peace March down Lyell Avenue on New Year's Day 2020.


 Silvano Orsi is an activist and community advocate, not a career politician, elected official, or hand-picked replacement for the status quo.  

He brings to the table strong name recognition, a solid law and business management background, and a long list of achievements within the community.  His candidacy raises the prospect of real change and a better quality of life for the community he will serve, as he fights for our fair share, across the 137th District, in the Town of Gates and City of Rochester.

Silvano holds two law degrees, one from the University of London, and the other from the Boston University School of Law, as well as a business administration degree from the International University of  Geneva.  He is also a graduate of Cardinal Mooney High School.


Silvano has served as a Project Manager and Executive for major telecommunications companies in the United States, Europe and Switzerland, and has been published as a law scholar, by some of the world's leading law and business journals in the United States and United Kingdom, on important topics like Mega-project Management, Risk Management, Project Finance, Ethics, Arbitration, and Infrastructure Development. 


Silvano is the founder of Rochester's "Little Italy Historic District", an official city neighborhood, located in Rochester's NW and SW Quadrants. (Please see www.CityofRochester.gov/nwnsc  and  www.LittleItalyROC.com for more info.)


He has received numerous proclamations and awards from local, state and federal officials, for his inclusive public events, programs and initiatives, including "Special Congressional Recognition" from  Congresswoman Louise Slaughter, as the  founder of the popular "Little Italy  Festival" and Little Italy Association of Rochester, Inc., a NY State-registered public charity and 501(c)(3) non-profit organization, for which he serves pro-bono as its President.  

Silvano has raised thousands of dollars for local charities, such as the Open Door Mission, Catholic Family  Center, Willow / Alternatives for Battered Women, MDA, House of Mercy and the Ronald  McDonald House.  

Silvano also helped raise over $700,000  for the United Way with Tom Richards, the former Mayor of Rochester (RG&E's Sr. Counsel at the time), and has served as a team leader for Habitat for Humanity, building homes for the needy in the City of Rochester.


Silvano is a supporter of the Gates Police Keystone Club, the Rochester Police Locust Club, and he is a member  of the American Bar Association, the National Italian American Bar Association, the National Italian American Foundation (NIAF), and a first level member of the Solicitors Regulation Authority of England and Wales. 


Silvano played and refereed in the Gates "Little Guy" Soccer League for many  years, and is a parish member at St. Theodore's Church in Gates, where he has lived for over 35 years. 

Silvano was born and raised in the City of Rochester, however, right off of Lyell Avenue, where he lived for nearly 15 years, and where he continues to work as a community advocate, to revitalize the Lyell area and the Little Italy Historic District, with passion and commitment. 


Silvano recently secured nearly $65,000 in funding, to help save the Italian and Latin language program at the Gates Chili School District. He also recently went to bat to help save the City of Rochester's Soccer Stadium, and has organized important anti-crime and anti-violence initiatives in the Lyell area, bringing people together from across the community to march for peace.  


The annual Little Italy Festival, which he founded, has drawn thousands  of  people to the Town of Gates and Downtown Rochester, since its inception, and has increased business opportunities for local merchants, food vendors, hotels and service providers from across the Greater Rochester area. The festival was nominated as "Best Cultural Festival of Rochester" by City  Newspaper in 2017 and 2018. 


Silvano is also one of the founders of the "San Juan Bautista Festival" in the N. Clinton Avenue corridor, and has participated in many Latino community  initiatives in the area, like the anti-drug and anti-violence "No Mas"  initiative, as well as volunteered at IBERO initiatives like the "Marketa Days" events, held at N. Clinton Avenue's "La Marketa International Plaza".  He also helps raise money for St. Michael's Church on N. Clinton Avenue.


Silvano has organized African-American community events like a bi-centennial Frederick Douglass celebration, in partnership with the Wachuku Foundation for Humanitarian Aid and African Princess Refelle Conteh of Sierra Leone, highlighting STEM, engineering and scientific achievements in the Black community, and he has sponsored student programs for minorities at the Enrico Fermi School in the City of Rochester, with local Grammy-nominated teacher Chaz Bruce.  

Silvano's  personal interests include soccer, hiking, fishing, chess, leisure travel, family gatherings and playing the drums a



Silvano Orsi was borrn and raised in the City of Rochester's Lyell Avenue corridor, a vital gateway into the city , where the city's 150 year old "Little Italy Historic District", resides.  Silvano is  willing to step up as an individual and is very interested in the opportunity to take his community-focused efforts to the next level, so that the Lyell area may receive greater attention and adequate  State funding, and so that the area may continue to be revitalized.  His primary focus areas are addressing public safety issues in both the city and town of Gates, neighborhood revitalization, improving quality of life for families, job creation, education, economic development in the 137th district, and fighting for the 137th district's fair share, in both the Town of Gates and City of Rochester.  His platform also includes, but is not limited to, the following:


  • Work to root-out Opioid Crisis, Drugs, Violence and Crime

  • Primary Focus on the N. Clinton and Lyell Avenue Corridors 

  • Improve Public Safety and Quality of Life for Families & Seniors

  • Secure Funding for Economic Development, Schools and Revitalization

  • Fight for Health Care for All and Affordable Housing Solutions

  • Renew the role’s Urban/Suburban Focus for the Town of Gates

  • Strong Support for Unions, Job Security and Worker's Issues

  • Improve Transportation Options & Infrastructure Development